About ORCA

Odense Research Center for Anaphylaxis (ORCA) is a Center of Excellence at the Allergycenter at Odense University Hospital (OUH), with focus on the clinical and laboratory research in anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is ranging from local responses upon allergen contact, e.g. itching in the mouth (OAS) to death by full blown anaphylactic shock.

The need for a center focusing on all aspects of anaphylaxis ranging from prevention and epidemiology over mechanisms to diagnosis including differential diagnosis and treatment is evident from the fact that such a center does not exist anywhere in the world today. ORCA aims at developing and implementing the highest level of evidence based diagnosis and treatment of patients with anaphylaxis and related diseases. We will focus on three critical questions: 

  • Why are some anaphylactic reactions confined to local signs and symptoms only, whereas others manifest with severe systemic involvement including full blown anaphylactic shock? The key point to be investigated is the mechanism of propagation of the reaction from the point of allergen entry (G/I?tract in food and drug allergy, skin in venom allergy) to a systemic reaction. The focus of our studies will be on PART A) the activation of cells and mediators locally; PART B) on the spreading of the reaction by the circulation and by neuronal pathways and PART C) on the activation of cells in the end organ. 

  • Can we identify predictors (clinical as well as biochemical) of severe disease? This question will be addressed both by data emerging from the above experiments and from epidemiological studies on already established cohorts of patients in our clinic.
  • How can we improve diagnosis, acute treatment and prevention of anaphylaxis? Diagnosis is not standardized throughout our region, and the use of adrenaline, which is the only effective treatment, is suboptimal today. Presently, we have no instruments for secondary prophylaxis. 


ORCA will therefore expand and consolidate already ongoing research and research collaboration within the field of:








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