Awards at the Annual Meeting Danish Society of Allergy, August 2017

Published: 11.10.2017 11:36

Martin Mørk Hansen, medical student

Best clinical poster: Red meat allergy in Denmark – Characterization of a patient cohort

A characterization of 29 patients diagnosed with red meat allergy mediated by the carbohydrate galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose in the Allergy Center, Odense University Hospital.


Katrine Bauman, ph.d. student

Astma-Allergi Danmark Poster Prize: The skin reservoir model: A novel approach to estimate recovery of large biomarkers from human skin using microdialysis

The microdialysis technique can be used to collect unbound molecules from the interstitial fluid of various tissues, e.g. the human skin. Sampling of small biomarkers such as histamine is straight forward, whereas recovery of larger biomarkers is a more complicated matter. Consequently, it is required that sampling feasibility is validated for every biomarker of interest before the technique is applied in vivo or ex vivo.

A suitable model has been lacking to study cutaneous microdialysis sampling of large biomarkers, which is why we have developed ‘the skin reservoir model’ presented in this poster. This new model serves as a reliable tool to validate whether the biomarkers of interest can be recovered from human skin using the microdialysis technique. 


Rachel Svends Sander, nurse

Astma- Allergi Danmark Poster Prize. Poster show, Science rocks, Epidemiology

ORCApp - Development and implementation of a tablet-based, clinical challenge-recording application

How we developed and implemented an app-based, challenge-recording tool, which replaced the paper documentation.

How the app integrates with the electronic patient file and our clinical research database and thereby increased patient safety and released resources.


Sigurd Broesby-Olsen, consultant

Best oral presentation: Morbidity in systemic mastocytosis: A nationwide study

Using Danish medical registries, we conducted a nationwide population-based cohort study including 687 adult mastocytosis patients diagnosed during 1997-2012

We assessed the risk of solid cancers, cardiovascular disease, anaphylaxis, and osteoporosis in SM patients.

We found that mastocytosis atients are at increased risk of solid cancers – especially melanoma and non melanoma skin cancer – and cardiovascular disease.

Further, the risk of anaphylaxis and osteoporosis is clearly increased in mastocytosis, though absolute risk was low in this population-based study





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