PAAM 2017, Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting, London 26-28 October

Published: 16.11.2017 10:56

Anaphylaxis scoring systems • Esben Eller

Existing instruments for scoring severity of anaphylaxis are heterogeneous in design, origin, target population, and focus allergens, but are used regardless of their initial purpose. There is a need for a standardized instrument which should be compatible with existing tools. This Oral presentation gave an overview of existing instruments, their origin and then, based on all positive challenges to the Allergycenter from 1998-2016, compared the distribution of all 22 existing severity scoring instruments. Some were more severe, other were milder, some scored food and drug challenges differently. Instruments for hymenoptera reactions had poor translatability and distributed severity differently for food and drug reactions, whereas the only instrument intended on adverse drug reactions scored milder than all other instruments. The distributions of severity were different, but no clear conclusions can be drawn, except that instruments applied to non-intended situations may not reflect a true severity picture.

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