WP 1 - Epidemiology

In WP 1 we will assess, for the first time in our country, the incidence, prevalence and impact of anaphylaxis in various patient groups. Data will be obtained from two different sources:


WP 1.1 - The prevalence of anaphylaxis in children and adults in the Emergency Room Data collected over a period of time in Emergency Rooms (children and adults) with strict criteria for inclusion and for assessment of differential diagnoses. Treatment will also be recorded with emphasis on administration of Adrenaline.


WP 1.2 - The prevalence of anaphylaxis in children and adults in cohorts, data collected from questionnaires to already existing cohorts of patients, diagnosed with food, drug or insect allergy, based on internationally accepted guidelines. The number of eligible patients in our database exceeds 2000 children and adults.


WP 1.3 - Quality of Life (QoL) in Danish families with peanut/egg/hazelnut allergy, and 1.4 - Communication tool for disclosing risky situations in life when you have peanut allergy another aspect of epidemiology of anaphylaxis and related disorders is QoL of the patients. Data are available in patients with e.g. peanut allergy demonstrating a markedly hampered QoL especially in social situations, but data are lacking in larger populations of patients with (other) food or drug allergy and in also partially in patients with angioedema (WP 2.4) or mastocytosis (WP 2.5).

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