WP 4 - Treatment

WP 4.1 - A new treatment paradigm for anaphylaxis – emphasis on Early Treatment with Adrenaline (ETA). Although international guidelines on the importance of prompt treatment of anaphylaxis with adrenaline have been developed, the vast majority of patients are only treated initially with antihistamines and steroids. Based on data from WP 1.1 on WP 1.2 a new treatment paradigm will be developed and instituted (ETA – Early Treatment with Adrenaline).


WP 4.2 - Specific Immunotherapy in food allergic children and adults. Besides acute treatment of anaphylactic reactions with adrenaline, the only treatment of anaphylactic reactions to foods and drugs today is strict avoidance. In contrast to anaphylaxis to bee and wasp, no products for specific immunotherapy are available to the costumer on a standardized and documented basis. Ongoing research project focus on development of specific allergoids immunotherapy against food allergy to fish and peach, but tools for the most important food allergens such as peanut and tree nut are not available for subcutaneous administration today. Treatment of histaminergic and bradykininergic (hereditary and acquired) angioedema are markedly different, but as of today no distinction between is made in the routine set?up in the Emergency Room. A new treatment paradigm will be developed and set into action in WP 2.4.

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