WP 4.2 - Specific Immunotherapy in food allergic children and adults


Besides acute treatment of anaphylactic reactions with adrenaline, the only treatment of anaphylactic reactions to foods and drugs today is strict avoidance. In contrast to anaphylaxis to bee and wasp, no products for specific immunotherapy are available to the costumer on a standardized and documented basis. Ongoing research projects focus on development of specific allergoids for immunotherapy against food allergy to fish and peach, but tools for the most important food allergens such as peanut and tree nut are not available for subcutaneous administration today. Tools for transcutaneous application are currently under investigation, but compliance problems will probably hamper the use of self-administration of treatment in the future.



Despite what is generally believed, subcutaneous immunotherapy with allergoid extracts of foods are as efficient and safe as subcutaneous treatment for other anaphylactic reactions such as bee or wasp. Treatment with modified single proteins such as Ara h2 in peanut allergy may pose an advantage both for efficiency and safety, but should be selected based on the actual patient’s spectrum of specific IgE. Successful immunotherapy will improve patient safety and thereby also Quality of Life significantly.




The extracts for treatment of fish allergic patients are already developed and under current investigation. A trial of classical, double-blind immunotherapy will be conducted 2013-2014. We have an ongoing collaboration with a commercial partner, who has the capability of producing GMP-level allergoid extracts of peanut. These candidate molecules will initially be tested for potency using the classical Nordic Guidelines starting with in vitro measurements of potency followed by titrated skin tests supplemented by microdialysis evaluation in intact and denervated skin and hereafter will the successful candidate product go through clinical development in phase I-III trials.

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